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Gruppo D’Engineering is a General Contractor in Turin (Italy).
Founded in 2014 on the initiative of our founder and sole director, Marco D’Elia, we can count on a team of 30 professionals with specific skills, who work with passion in the integrated and innovative management of large industrial, civil and technological projects, in Italy and abroad, engaging in a construction approach that is ethical, professional and independent..

We manage complete projects from every angle, shortening times, optimising costs and promoting Italian quality.

Groundbreaking construction technologies that push the boundaries of lightweight design and the performance potential of glass and steel.

High-end, bespoke projects. Comprehensive solutions for homes where elegance is never an end in itself.

Conception and design of internal and external identity and dedicated layouts for museums where every detail aims to give visitors a welcoming experience.

Interior Design solutions for hotels, restaurants, stores and other high-end venues, from the planning of spaces to every single room.

We propose complex architectural mockups and envelopes, and each project is managed by a design team specialized in the field.