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Of the two divisions and five assets that make up Gruppo D’Engineering, people are and will continue to be the most important.

That is why an important part of our business development plan is dedicated to the welfare of our employees, who have a mental coach at their disposal to develop their potential to the full, in a serene and collaborative environment.

New construction, redevelopment and renovation, external and internal identity, interior design: for all these works we aim to be builders of excellence, realising the dreams of all our customers.
To do this, we are structured in two divisions (5D and Bodino), with dedicated assets within them: Building & Constructions, Green Building & Technology, Architecture & Engineering, Exhibitions, Special Works.
Each asset can count on professionals who collaborate with leading engineering and architectural firms of international repute in the various stages of the project.

Over the years we have grown into the two divisions we have today: in 2023 we acquired the Bodino brand (a historic Turin company founded in 1932) to further expand our expertise in building, architectural design, special constructions and international trade fair installations.