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My name is Marco D’Elia, and in 2014 I laid the foundations of a dream, carrying on my family’s passions: that is how Gruppo D’Engineering was born, in Turin.

From the very beginning, my goal has been to put into practice what I have learned technically and theoretically, realising my idea of building ethically, with professionalism and resourcefulness, supported by a close-knit, competent team.

Italian excellence is a value to me. My father grew up
in Bodino and that is where I did my training and acquired many of the values on which I founded Gruppo D’Engineering. For me it is like a circle that closes. The basis of my decision was a firm belief in a strategy that combines tradition and innovation in order to handle any kind of challenge and market.

In Gruppo D’Engineering we can count on a team that it is great to work alongside every day, as if we were in an ever-open construction site. This is also why I am dedicated to developing human capital, a fundamental resource in our Group, also thanks to welfare and a series of CSR actions.

In all these years I have passionately managed the technical aspects of multiple projects of national importance, always bearing in mind that I was head of a company that has proudly made a name for itself on the market.

I am driven by the desire to always take on new challenges, with the aim of growing our Group more and more as a General Contractor in Italy and abroad.